For us the money is in selling high quality books.

Quality before Quantity!

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We are not an online book factory. We offer our refined publishing method to authors who need to get the job done right. Our unique publishing method will get your book into the hands of readers.

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We are using a sophisticated project management system to make sure every single step in the process of creating a successful book has been completed. 

The Publishing Method™

Becoming a published author does not happen overnight. It is a journey that can take years. This is why we have developed this proven publishing method. The method consists of three stages and a total of nine steps. Schedule your free publishing consultation appointment with us today to learn more!

The Publishing Planner

The best way to get organized quickly is to download our FREE Publishing Planner Book. This isn't some fluff-filled sales book or boring slideshow material with some dude telling you how to publish. This is valuable information, actionable strategies, templates, and tactics.


The White Cover Series™

Are you an author who would like to be discovered? You should be part of our White Cover Series™! We invite you to take advantage of our offer to convert your work into a softcover book. We have developed this package to encourage you to take the first step to getting published. When you upload your manuscript, you will keep all rights to your work, and you will receive one softcover book in the mail. Your book can be purchased by your friends and family from our website in our "White Cover Series."

The Publishing Cheat Sheet

If you want to publish a book professionally, you will need more than 30 different software and online tools. We have developed this cheat sheet for our staff to keep track of all the applications and the staff training programs.  

The Publishing Mindmap™

Our Mindmap will help you navigate the complex world of publishing. We use the exact same map when we publish books.

The Results

Dan Weedin on Jan 17, 2017

Exemplary Service

"One of the benefits of working with Kitsap Publishing is the exemplary client service. Whenever I had a question, needed an answer quickly, or had issues or concerns, they were fast to respond and provide solutions. They are able to be nimble, act swiftly on your behalf, and do it with a smile on their face. In the ever-changing world of publishing, this commitment to authors through strong customer service is refreshing. If you have a book that you want to published, look no further than Kitsap Publishing. You'll be well taken care of and your book (and you) will be better off from the experience."