Your Path to Becoming a Successful Author Might Start Right Here.

Becoming a successfully published author can be a long and daunting task. You might have different reasons for writing and you might need some professional advice in order to find the best approach to publish your work. This is where we can come in. We have published books for many authors in the past years, and we have seen that every author has different needs. In a free 30-60 minutes interview, we can evaluate your goals and guide you towards a publishing path that can best meet book market demands.

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The Publishing Method™

Becoming a published author does not happen overnight. It is a journey that can take years. This is why we have developed a method that will guide our authors on a path to success. Schedule your free publishing consultation appointment with us today to learn more!

Our Book Marketing Guide

Our free Book Marketing Guide will help you navigate the complex world of book marketing. We use the exact same guide when we market books. You can download your instant and free copy below.


For us, publishing a book that sells well requires four major components: writing a great manuscript, designing an eye-catching and good looking book including setting it up for distribution, allocating advance review copies to the right groups of readers, and then, develop and execute an effective marketing plan. 

Of course, everything starts with the author writing the manuscript. We will review submitted manuscripts, and, if accepted, we will sign a publishing agreement and fully fund the design of the book in all relevant formats. We will set the book up for distribution, and, before and after the book is available worldwide at bookstores and libraries the author and the publisher will allocate advance review copies to a select number of readers. 

Above: Typical cash flow diagram for a book publishing project. This diagram is a snapshot taken in Fall of 2017. The green bar represents the forecasted cash flow, and the blue bars represent the actual cash flow.

Many authors decide to invest in additional advance review copy printing & allocation. 

We would love to hear from you. Schedule your interview with us today, so we can learn about your book and find the best way to get it into the hands of readers.

We are not selling any publishing services to authors. With the signing of the publishing agreement, we are entering into a partnership with the author, which is determined by an author royalty plan and a collaborative agreement to promote the book. We do expect that our authors work with us and are willing and able to represent their book in the media. Over the years, we have established several media channels including newspapers, radio, and TV.

Write The 



Review Copies

3rd Party


Kitsap Publishing

Kitsap Publishing, Author



Set Up for Distribution

Design and Layout

Market the Book

Fulfill Orders

Allocate Review Copies


Kitsap Publishing, Author

Kitsap Publishing

Publishing Agreement

Typically 1 Year

12 Year CF Plan

The publishing agreement with Kitsap Publishing is not a service agreement to publish a book. It is mainly an agreement that gives Kitsap Publishing the right to market and sell the book, and it entitles the author to receive royalties. We will fund the entire design & layout of the book. – the author will not be charged. We will set the book up for distribution to bookstores and libraries.  The author keeps the copyrights to the book. 

Printing of advance review copies and allocating them to a select group of readers is also funded by Kitsap Publishing based on the publisher's investment plan. However, what is unique at Kitsap Publishing is that we run a pre-sell initiative from our own website to create funds for review copy allocation and marketing campaigns.

After the book is officially released we invest in the marketing & publicizing of the book based on our investment plan, which varies from book to book. 

Our distribution partner Ingram handles all book orders from bookstores and libraries worldwide. We also work with Ingram to provide author copies and advance review copies of the book. 

Everything starts with the author. We value the time and efforts that authors spend to outline and write the manuscript –  often over a time of many years. Hence, we offer authors royalty rates that are above industry standards.

Pre-Sell Initiative

We do not charge the author for publishing their work. Our business model is built around the cash flow that a book can generate during and after its typical lifetime of 12 years. For each book, we create an investment plan that is primarily determined by the marketability of the book, the author's and publisher's ability to support our promotional efforts, and the size of the target reader market. Below diagram shows a typical cash flow diagram that is the result of our investment plan. 

The Results

Dan Weedin on Jan 17, 2017

Exemplary Service

"One of the benefits of working with Kitsap Publishing is the exemplary client service. Whenever I had a question, needed an answer quickly, or had issues or concerns, they were fast to respond and provide solutions. They are able to be nimble, act swiftly on your behalf, and do it with a smile on their face. In the ever-changing world of publishing, this commitment to authors through strong customer service is refreshing. If you have a book that you want to published, look no further than Kitsap Publishing. You'll be well taken care of and your book (and you) will be better off from the experience."